4 Reasons Dogs are Better than Humans

4 Reasons Dogs are Better than Humans

4 Reasons Dogs are Better than Humans


Friendships are an important yet challenging part of being human. The years of emotional and time investment you spend connecting with someone can be lost in just a few seconds, degrading the grandest source of joy into sadness. Yet, the need for communion persists beyond the risk of emotional distress.

Here’s the good news: the perfect friendship is possible…with a dog. In the average pet-owner dynamic, the fun and affection are untainted by the emotional risk inherent in human friendship. In other words, the average dog can make you happier than the average human can. Here are 4 ways dogs make better friends than humans:

1. Dogs are more reliable

Ever heard of Pavlov’s dog? The Russian canine helped pioneer one of the dominant learning theories in psychology by salivating. His response (salivation) to the sight of food and objects associated with eating demonstrated that learning is the ability to anticipate an event in a sequence. Pavlov’s experiment also showed how reliable animals are. You can train them to respond in specific ways given a specific context. Unlike humans whose motivations, moods, philosophies are always in flux, canines are predictable. Treat them well and they will love you.

2. Dogs are more loyal

This point is related to the first. The simplicity of the canine psyche limits the potential for disloyalty. While the human ego often overwhelms morality and principle, dogs seldom inspire skepticism. They rely on you for survival and emotional support just as you rely on them for companionship and joy. They are yours, and you theirs. Simple. No interaction warrants over-analyzing or anxiety. It's just pure goodness.

3. Dogs are more affectionate than humans

An integral aspect of any pet-owner relationship is affection. Petting, playing, licking, snuggling are essential and effortless with a dog. Unlike human relationships that abide by social guidelines of when-what-where-who appropriateness, canine affection is uninhibited and unrestricted. We all know how important love is for human thriving, so why limit it? Hang out with your dog, expand the love in your life.

4. Reciprocity guaranteed

Ever been stuck in a one-sided friendship? Bet that friend was not of the canine persuasion. Indeed, you and your pet have an implicit contract: you take care of it and it loves you back. Your expectations of your pet are that they contribute to your happiness and appreciate you for the care you provide it. As instinctive animals they recognize you as integral to their wellness and appreciate you for it.


The magic of a dog friend is that it captures the positive sides of companionship without the risk of emotional turmoil. Their reliability, loyalty, unbound affection and reciprocity make for a joyful connection, sure to trump any human friendship you can conjure up.

Article written by Melissa Beaulieu.

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